Design for acoustics


WOOPIES consist of various layers of wool that differ in feel yet perfectly match in terms of acoustics. Since our acoustic elements are frameless, they can be seamlessly attached side by side for optimal acoustic effectiveness.


The quality swisswool loden has outstanding sound absorbing qualities. The looks of this highly resistant fabric are as convincing as its low flammability (B1 after DIN 4102-1)

Various inner layers

The structure made of various layers provides WOOPIES with a high level of acoustic functionality. The individual wool layers are perfectly matched in terms of density, fibre fineness and fibre orientation to achieve perfect acoustic qualities.

Wool press plate

The last layer at the back of the acoustic elements (pictured left) provides stability and creates their puristic form. Because of its uniquely pressed surface and thought out recesses, the product loses weight and absorbs noise in an acoustically excellent way.

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