Why wool? Because wool’s excellent natural properties for a pleasant indoor climate and work environment cannot be replicated with any synthetic fibre!

Choose wool! WOOPIES are made from Swiss and Southern German virgin sheep wool. The panels’ surface is made of beautiful high-quality loden, while the back and core consist of pressed wool layers of different density, fibre orientation as well as fibre fineness. In addition to absorbing sound and reducing reverberation in interior spaces, wool offers even more natural advantages:

  • Wool is a renewable, natural, and local resource
  • Wool regulates humidity in the room
  • Wool breaks down pollutants
  • Wool neutralises odours
  • Wool is non-allergenic
  • Wool is self-cleaning


Recycling, upcycling, zero waste: Wool is a renewable resource—and valuable down to the last fibre.

Our zero-waste approach starts with wool collection, where we take every scab of wool the sheep farmers bring to us. Even the last leavings are swept up and later pressed into organic fertiliser pellets. Wool remnants from fleece production are directly reintroduced into the production process.

Trimmings and remnants from pressing the fleece layers for the WOOPIES’ core are shredded, used as filling material, or reintroduced into the production process. Die-cut pieces from the WOOPIES’ denser, stiffer backs are upcycled into amazing new products, such as lamps, coasters, or accessories. From the loden remnants, we make our hand samples and donate the remaining colourful scraps to preschools for crafting. And even WOOPIES with minor flaws are far from being waste—they make stylish pinboards!

Discover creative products made from our production waste here:



"From sheep to shop": We source the raw material for making WOOPIES from Switzerland and Southern Germany. The Swisswool® label guarantees the most environmentally friendly raw material for the production of WOOPIES. Swisswool collects 250 to 300 tons of wool annually at 25 locations around Switzerland. The wool is sorted by quality directly on-site. This way, Swisswool can guarantee a short, traceable path from sheep to shop. At the collection points, Swisswool gathers all wool obtained from shearing. Down to the last fibre, without waste.

More information at www.swisswool.ch and www.tracemywool.com