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We hear what nobody sees

Akustikpaneele aus Schurwolle – individuell gefertigt

Gerade in der modernen Arbeitswelt, in der Kreativität, Kommunikation und Konzentration den Erfolg der Arbeit bestimmen, sind unsichtbare Faktoren oft maßgebend. Vor allem in offenen Bürostrukturen spielt die Raumakustik eine zentrale Rolle.

Noisy work environment, stressed mind

A noisy work environment decreases your team’s performance and creates unhealthy stress. But what makes a space’s acoustic uncomfortable? A professional analysis will uncover the cause — and find the right solution

Nature’s perfect material for acoustics

When Baur Akustik develops acoustics solutions, our team considers the architecture as well as the overall interior design. That’s why we’ve created our high-performance acoustic panels — WOOPIES — made from sheep wool. This renewable material naturally comes with the perfect properties to absorb sound and promote a healthy room climate at work.

WOOPIES are acoustically functional design elements made from Swiss virgin wool and textile bonding fibers. The modern acoustic panels naturally have remarkable properties far superior to synthetic fibers.

As wall or ceiling panels, room dividers or desk surrounds, WOOPIES promote wellbeing and concentration in any space. For example, in office lofts and other work spaces, restaurants, museums, preschools or at home. WOOPIES reduce sound propagation and, thus, improve speech intelligibility.


  • Sound absorption across a broad frequency spectrum thanks to perfectly coordinating fibre densities and the natural surface structure of wool
  • Wool perceptibly improves the room climate by regulating humidity
  • Wool breaks down harmful chemicals in the air and neutralises unpleasant odours
  • Our especially designed acoustic loden gives WOOPIES a cozy, soft appearance
  • Endless design options thanks to various sizes, designs, shapes and colours
  • Easy installation and maintenance