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Woopies richtig platziert

WOOPIES gibt es in verschiedenen Ausführungen, Formen und Farben. Die perfekte Lösung für jeden Raum. Für ein optimales Gesamtkonzept.


WOOPIES installed directly on the wall – either with or without space between the wall and the acoustic panel – effectively reduce the reverberation time in the room. WOOPIES in all different styles and shapes are simply installed on the wall with magnets, which are pre-mounted on the panel’s back and easily adjustable.


WOOPIES room dividers promote an undisturbed work environment. The stylish elements are the ideal solution to screen off a work space acoustically as well as visually. Our different models of hanging or freestanding room dividers offer a variety of ways to create individual zones and personal spaces within an open-plan office.


WOOPIES ceiling panels bring fresh design accents to your space: The elements can be suspended from the ceiling at different heights to accommodate the room’s height. WOOPIES panels can also be inserted into an existing ceiling grid for a complete wall-to-wall solution.


Being distracted by visual stimulations on top of all the noises of a busy workplace can thoroughly derail anyone’s focus. Our desk surrounds, which double as pinboard, cultivate con-centration by screening off an individual from the buzz all around.

partition wall

partition wall