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Swiss wool by Swisswool – useful to the last fibre

Zero Waste mit Recycling und Upcycling

Our Woopies production leaves no waste. After all, as renewable resource, Swiss wool is valuable down to the last fibre.

At Swisswool, our zero-waste approach begins with the wool collection, where all wool is completely accepted by the sheep farmers. Even the dirty residues are swept up and later pressed into effective bio-fertiliser pellets.

Production waste goes right back into the machine.
Offcuts and scraps from pressing wool layers for the WOOPIES core are shredded and returned to the production cycle. Punch-outs from the firm back of the panel, too tough to tear up, are upcycled into beautiful new products, such as lamps, coasters and accessories. Scraps of our loden are cut into colour samples for clients. And we give what’s left to preschools for arts and crafts.

Even WOOPIES with minor flaws don’t go to waste — they become beautiful pinboards.